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Here, the goddess is not white as marble; instead, she is a celestial black female, standing where she has never stood before, throughout thousands of years of Western art: right in the middle of the canvas. She is not just a torso.

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She is not holding a service tray or selling fruit or hanging from a rope. Like her sister in Italy, she, too, is poised atop a seashell, gliding along a gorgeous ocean. A few carry the feathers of a peacock. Cupid, above, takes aim at Triton, below. They are all riding across the middle of an ocean, shepherding the Sable Venus to some as yet unclaimed place. The reins are harnessed to two dolphins, dolphins that pull her chariot-shell through the sea. Her form is twice as wide, with girth, her muscles: cut, lean.

She is the embodiment of strength—no fragile anything in need of anyone. Her dark skin is adorned with jewels. All eyes are upon her and at her service—finally. Others, recognizing immediately the atrocious irony, still question whether the painting was a satire. For, in , her scallop shell could only be a metaphorical slave ship.

Experimentation and Beat poetry

Did the Sable Venus enjoy her trip across the Atlantic, gliding along the Middle Passage, guided by a white male celestial harem, destined for slavery? Besides these obvious observations, however that the world was on fire then; indeed, that is has been burning for millennia—and not only that—but that the majority of our population seems to be enjoying the blaze , you begin to feel a third question about the image rising in your throat, a subtler question about words.

Nor was it that deeply satisfying but ultimately simple delight in seeing the white Venus replaced by the black—as delicious as all that is, and it is! Which is to say, ever since Rome, we keep replacing the statues but continue playing the same blinding games. When perhaps the real neurosis is our desire for monuments of any kind.

Perhaps, instead of looking up for an icon, we need to look down and cherish and adore, even worship, the people working quietly right beside us, or, even more subtly, working—via memory—right within us. That something more is in its title. The poet Marilyn Nelson once remarked that, if one has the ear and takes the time, even the front page of the newspaper is laden with sonnets.

The back of a cereal box contains songs. Language is an organ, a musical instrument. Which means that even when having an argument we are singing. I never thought that I would find more than just a few titles. I never thought that I would travel through time. What began as a small experiment expanded into the history of art in the entire Western world. The museums were invisible graveyards. They were just sitting there: broken, defaced, unseen. A catalogue of bodies.

It was an invisible archeology—an archeology that crisscrossed time and space. Everywhere I went, I found them, just off, just to the edge, just beneath: pieces of black female bodies buried in plain sight. A small black female carved into the handle of a tool. Miniature black women who could fit into your palm. A three-inch-long black female carved into a knife handle, so you could hold on to her body tightly whenever you sliced your daily bread.

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A palm-sized black woman in your hand when you brushed your hair at night, looking absently into the mirror. A spoon handle, a drum, a hammer, a flute—black bodies sculpted into the wooden frame surrounding a heroic painting of a white male on top of a white horse, riding triumphantly into war.

Black female bodies ornamenting the tripods, the base of a table, sleeping inside the frame, selling, offering, tending in the background of innumerable paintings. The Hero well, for a given level of "hero" , a. Li Shengshun, a. Lee Hyeonsik, a.


BK , a. The Black Reaper , a. Chinese Electric Batman. He works for The Syndicate , doing their dirty work to retrieve items and information related to Hell's Gate. He works undercover as Nice Guy exchange student "Li Shengshun," taking menial jobs wherever the higher-ups need him , and relying on his apparent naivety to avoid suspicion. He has the Contractor ability to manipulate electricity , has the most awesome coat in the universe , and is a weapons-grade Chick Magnet to boot.

Has an incredibly Dark and Troubled Past featuring war , betrayal, and the disappearance of his younger sister. Bringing it up is generally a really bad idea and one of the few ways to get a reaction out of him. A doll assigned to Hei's group. A clairvoyant Emotionless Girl with the ability to project surveillance specters through water, she acts as the group's recon unit. Hei's "handler," a Syndicate employee who relays his instructions and acts as backup when necessary.

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The Deuteragonist of Season 2, a half-Japanese, half-Russian schoolgirl. Her father is a scientist studying ME and her brother is a Contractor; her mother is a photographer who moved to Japan eight years ago. She gets pulled into the plot because of attempts to capture her twin and winds up hanging around Hei. The head of the TMPD's PSB Foreign Affair Division, Section 4, which covertly deals with contractor-related crimes and terrorism; she takes a special interest in the cases related to BK, which starts to grow into an obsession over time.

Kirihara's second-in-command in Section 4. Known to have a big crush on her, although he never acts on it due to problems of potential rejection. Another Division 4 officer.

One of the oldest officers to work in the PSB. At the end of the Shikoku no Hana manga, Matsumoto was forced to retire due to a major injury in the hands of Harvest. A member of Section 4 and closet Big Name Fan. She is an official liaison officer to the National Observatory to check on contractor-related appearances in Japan. MI6's top agent, assigned to Japan to investigate Gate-related activity. He has the power to freeze liquids and a rather James Bond -like attitude. She was in South America during Heaven's War, and Hei considers her responsible for what happened at its end.

She can manipulate time, and her remuneration is getting younger. A contractor working for Amber. His power is to blow up anything he's touched, and he has an enormous crush on Amber. I'm Trying My Best.

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For the first time in a long while Today i smiled the first real smile. I'm genuinely happy. For now at least. To mark the approach of Halloween and the latest exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Victorian and Edwardian mourning attire, we pick our ten favourite fashion quotes on black. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.

Introduction to Color

A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke. Bright colours are what depress me. Black is poetic. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. A darker shade of Roald Dahl: 10 less familiar and more disturbing books But, this is only a poem: I know I'm not suffocating, subzero, or slipping. Tree Poems I want to be a different person No, not someone else But an improved version of myself And a huge part of that process Is to get rid of all the layers of you That remain rooted in me So I'll skin myself to the bone Besides how painful it may be Until I can finally state to the wind That you no longer pull my strings As it gently messes my hair And whisper that I'm free.

I don't let it in yet. I can't. Not yet.

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