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Untangling Web Marketing by Sam Harbison - Dentaltown

We needed to solve the issue of click distance and give the site a more logical structure. That way, it could be more easily navigated by both crawlers and actual users. One step we took was to use the idea of clustering content. Clusters were how we started to organize the vast number of pages. When it came to the overall structure, we focused on the idea of creating a content pyramid. Such a pyramid is the accepted gold standard for site structure. Category pages are beneath and sub-categories a further level down.

Individual pages then make up the wide base of the pyramid. Once the content clusters and pyramid took shape, the issue of links was also easily solved.

Having a defined structure made it much more straightforward to interlink pages. No longer were there any pages with hundreds of excessive links. Our restructuring of the site structure made it a cinch to improve URL structure. The content pyramid meant that the site's URLs could achieve the logical flow we mentioned earlier. No longer were pages sitting at different site levels on an ad hoc basis.

Images are often improperly formatted, if at all. By adding dimensions to images, you can significantly improve page load time by ensuring that a correctly sized and formatted image is displayed on the first time. The impact of our work on the site was clear to see. Improvements in the site's structure had a profound and rapid effect on indexing.

As a result, it had a similarly pleasing effect on site traffic. Unsurprising, the fact that , pages were suddenly indexed led to an increase in site traffic. What will work, however, is the general strategy we applied. It was a strategy that can deliver impressive results even for the largest, most confusing sites. To begin, you must be thorough in researching the project at hand. Comprehensive research and analysis of your site are what should define the scope of your work.

You will then have a roadmap for your improvements. If you follow through with the work according to that roadmap, you are sure to see results. Suggest a topic Suggest a topic Request a feature Report a bug. Your feedback must contain at least 3 words 10 characters. Please enter valid email. Please provide us with a valid email address so we could reply to you. Send feedback Cancel. Thank you for your feedback! Submit post. Go to Blog. Nick Brown July 10, The Wow-Score shows how engaging a blog post is.

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Nick Brown July 10, This post is in English. Analysis As an external expert coming in to advise on or to solve technical SEO issues with a site, the first step is understanding the scope of the project. Some of the more basic issues it can diagnose are as follows: Errors in URLs Missing page titles Missing metadata Errored response codes Errors in canonicals On top of that, a deep crawl with SEMrush can help you with some more advanced tasks: Identifying issues with pagination Evaluating internal linking Visualizing and diagnosing other problems with site architecture When we performed our deep crawl of the site, it highlighted several serious issues.

Additional Issues Through the site audit, a number of other issues were identified. Below is an overview of some of the key factors that we needed to act on: Robot Text File: There were thousands of tags used on the site. Solution Our analysis and research defined the scope of the project ahead of us.

Results The impact of our work on the site was clear to see. Nick Brown.

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He has over 12 years experience in digital marketing and works with large companies advising them on SEO, CRO, and content marketing. Copy link. Comments Notify me about new comments. You'll get notified of new comments on this post by email. How do very fast, please help!



Hi Quang, use your htaccess file to add the redirects. Alison Ver Halen. Thanks for the great info!

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I couldn't agree more that analyzing every aspect of your content strategy is necessary for success and I think the tools you offer are awesome! Thanks Alison, much appreciated. Jeffrey Peltier. Distance from the homepage is highly inaccurate. With update SEO the visitors land on exactly the page that relates to their search. With strong internal webpage content linking not menus or sidebars the visitors and Google spiders are guided on a highly relevant browse of the site.

Hi Jeffrey, The home page was not the main source of activity for this website only a minor one. The issue was content was hard to find for users, as too far from any page not just the home page this is a bad user experience which affects SEO. After we fixed this issue there was a large increase in organic non-branded traffic to this site.

So the proof is in the results. If you are doing SEO the correct way the user will land on the page and not need to navigate. Page distance is NOT a google ranking algorithm. Robert Emanuel. That would be great thanks! Paul Lovell. Great post nick Like the fact you went into the log analysis a lot of seos avoid the subject. Thanks Paul, its a big part of our job. Thanks for the blog. It is really helpful. Would love to read more. Thanks - will endeavour to write more here. Ricci M.

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Restructuring can have such an impact on SEO and often people just don't see it. I really liked the way you explained this all. Raja indreshraja. Hi nick, Great article Too many links on home page is really bad in the sense of interlinking. Can you give an ideal number of home page interlinking. This will help me.

Hi, we would recommend between 70 - depending on the size of the site. Meghan DuCille. Hi Nick, Brilliant article, thank you very much! I am wondering how you handled step five. Hi Meghan, we worked with the developers and found a solution, Googled it and found a few ideas then implemented them on the staging site and it worked. When working with a client we make sure to get the buy-in of the key stakeholders, this way implementation is a lot easier.

Tristan Bailey. How do you get on with the possibly multiple teams or managers to get these things improved?