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Therefore, they recoil back into what is safe and comfortably familiar.

Soul Town, Bally's Indigo Lounge

Hiding inside your comfort zone is a good way to prevent yourself from ever experiencing anything unique, fun or challenging. Here are some traditional approaches, mixed with modern-day tips that will pump up your social life and get you over the old ho-hum. Do something different.

Taking some classes, joining a book group, health club or special interests group, or volunteering in community service are some effective ways to find new experiences, all the while meeting new people in an environment that respects change. What social goals are you pursuing? Focus on where you want to be rather than where you are right now.

Pursue goals that add meaning and value to your social life. Create a blueprint that enables you to plan and determine your new social direction. Accept the initial discomfort and be willing to do the things that make you uncomfortable, such as a new activity or developing a new social skill.

The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (HD)

Trying something new brings change. This involves risk-taking and challenges your personality and skills, and questions your beliefs. Relying on your old ideas, habits and assumptions can spell failure and be detrimental to your social life. Find ways in which you can tap into your creativity and be innovative.

Enlist support from friends, family, colleagues, books, groups or a coach. Pushing past your fears can be highly challenging, but very rewarding. Make a new acquaintance. People are gateways to new adventures.


It can be lots of fun to get out of your comfort zone despite what your mind and feelings tell you. Think back to times when you have broken out of your comfort zone and benefited. Engage in positive self-talk, as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The more positivity you practise, the more positive results you will attract. Expand on your social goals to include an action step.

Your focus should be on initiation, being proactive and taking advantage of social networking opportunities. It is entirely up to you to put the wheels in motion. The journey is as enjoyable as the destination. Savleen Bajaj is an internationally respected leadership authority, human behavioural expert, success coach, professional speaker, psychologist, author, facilitator and consultant.

For more information email savleen savleenbajaj. Put the fun back into your social life by trying something new. As Savleen Bajaj, explains, doing something a little out of your comfort zone reaps great rewards. The Complete Baby Massage Pack is perfect for new parents and includes everything you need to begin learning baby massage in your own home. Work through your new massage routine using the baby massage instruction manual and DVD. A bottle of pure cold-pressed, organic massage oil is also included to get you started. The Breast Cancer Network Australia and beyondblue recently launched a new resource for breast cancer survivors.

The Depression and Breast Cancer Fact Sheet offers practical advice on dealing with depression and where to find help. For a copy of the fact sheet call the Breast Cancer Network on or visit www. Based in Perth, the recently launched Adventure Club brings women together to explore the world enabling them to exchange ideas, share stories and form new friendships in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.

The club holds regular social gatherings, hiking tours, outdoor pursuits, and travel opportunities local and international. Master your pelvic floor muscles with the Total Control Pelvic Pyramid Workout, a minute DVD containing a medically-based fitness program developed by doctors, physiotherapists and fitness experts. Teaching women to isolate, engage and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, it also includes a full body resistance workout to promote flatter tummies and improve sexual satisfaction.

Go on a journey of self-discovery with the You Are Clairvoyant CD, which aims to help listeners improve their own intuitive and clairvoyant skills. Learn how to develop your imagination, clear and revitalise your chakras, start to explore the skills of channelling, and meet your angels and spirit guides.

All exercises are designed to help you reconnect to your intuitive wisdom and divine guidance. However, beyond femininity what is the role of oestrogen in our bodies and how can it affect our weight? Indeed, it rules more than we may suspect. Like all hormones, oestrogens are powerful chemical messengers that stimulate cells to grow and change when necessary, but can also lead the female brain to focus intensely on emotions and communication. Hormonal balance in females helps guide nurturing, social, sexual and aggressive behaviours. It can be responsible for your bubbly personality, for you being talkative.

These hormones have many vital but less familiar effects on the body. For example, oestrogens stimulate the growth of bone cells, regulate the retention of salt and water in the body, and increase levels of HDL good cholesterol while decreasing amounts of LDL bad cholesterol. When oestrogen levels in the body function as nature intended, we reap the benefits of normal development and a healthy body and mind.

See a Problem?

However, genetics, hormone replacement therapies, diet, stress, pollution and many other factors may upset the normal cycling of oestrogens in our body. Although the far-reaching effects of changing levels of these hormones is not fully understood, scientific studies show that too much oestrogen in the body can be associated with significant health risks, including weight gain, heart disease and cancer.

Furthermore, as we grow older, the hormone levels in our bodies shift so that levels of oestrogen increase in men and decrease in women, altering behaviour, appearance and metabolism. However, other factors such as the environment, physical activity and stress are just a few of many that can also affect oestrogen levels.

LGBTQ+ Fiction |

Keeping in Balance Fortunately, there are many simple aspects of your daily life that can be changed to control the levels of oestrogen in your body. Your diet is one easy area to address. Some foods are known as oestrogen inhibitors, while others are oestrogen promoters. If you suspect that your weight gain may be from an increase in oestrogen, taking care to include the inhibitors and avoid. Gabriela Rosa reports. Finding ourselves with a little more belly than normal is usually chalked up to one of those annoyances of aging.

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And while this may not seem to be much of a health problem, obesity rates are soaring to the epidemic levels, increasing the prevalence of heart disease, stroke and other serious problems. If oestrogen levels in the body rise, weight control becomes increasingly difficult. Fat cells also produce oestrogen, so the more fat cells present in the body, the more oestrogen is produced. In addition to encouraging more fat cells to grow, this increase in oestrogen also encourages the retention of water, causing a bloated feeling.

The production of oestrogen by fat cells is also thought to be the reason behind weight increase when oestrogen levels drop, usually during menopause. The body compensates for decreased levels of oestrogen by increasing the fat cells essential to its manufacture.

Midnight and the Meaning of Love

So how can you tell whether your weight gain is due to a hormone imbalance and not just a fondness for chocolate-chip cookies? The first step is to assess the symptoms of your weight gain. In addition to a stubborn mid-section, those with elevated oestrogen often notice a roundness developing on their upper arms and thighs as well as in their lower buttocks. Tiredness, moodiness and fatigue are also signs of high oestrogen levels, as can be period irregularities, a history of breast cancer as well as other conditions such as endometriosis and fibroids, which occur in the uterus.

The next step is to take a simple blood, urine or saliva test to find out whether your hormones are at normal levels. Specific compounds in foods, such as phytonutrients plant nutrients , have been shown to minimise the production of excess oestrogen and promote weight loss, particularly in young women who have not yet reached menopause. It is important to shift the bulk of your diet to natural and non-processed foods.

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Fatty fish, like salmon and sardines are good sources of these essential fatty acids. Adding more of these to your diet will pave the way to a healthier hormone balance.