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Except, of course, when she ate ten peas.

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When Gloria, a police dog, becomes his partner, Officer. Gloria is a big hit. Then one day their presentation is videotaped and Officer Buckle discovers what is really going on. Will jealousy separate the two buddies? A Caldecott winner. So his father decides to make Pete into a pizza. He is tossed and floured and baked and tickled and chased. Then the sun comes out and Pete goes out to play. This beginning reader is meant to entertain your dog. Children will enjoy the silly dog and his adventures with the burglar, the bone, and the wild dog.

He turns into Captain Underpants, of course. Silliness expands to great waists as Harold and George devise a plan to put mean Mr.

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Krupp in his place. She wants a homemade gift, so Sam decides to make homemade perfume. Newborn babies and homemade bread and chicken soup and just-washed hair. And not just any talking dog, but a dog who speaks and understands several languages, including Spanish, English, Nahautl, and Cat. When ten-year-old Faith meets such a dog on the streets of Mexico City, strange and interesting things lie ahead for both of them.

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Has he gone too far when he invents a new word for pen. Nicholas meets his match in his 5 Funny Chapter Books 6 dictionary-loving teacher, Mrs. Granger, in this funny, sweet story of his determination to write with a frindle.

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Junie B. Jones has to ride the stupid smelly bus. Her first bus ride is a disaster. Once settled in school, Junie B. So she hides in a cabinet, and a humorous disaster results. Beverly Cleary continues the escapades of Ramona and her family with a new addition to the household, a little sister named Roberta.

And take over she does. Kristy has the entire baseball team wrapped around her little finger after she takes a picture of them in the locker room. When anyone disagrees with her, Kristy threatens to reveal the picture. A humorous story of how one girl is able to turn around a losing baseball team and make them winners. Just when they are settling in, Mrs. Jewls, their teacher, takes maternity leave. Each poem depicts a changing mood and voice as the girl, the cat, the fireman, the cat-catcher, the robin, the tree, the balloon lady, the box-car racer, the night, and the moon all have something to say.

Next thing he knows, he has a saddle on his back and children climbing up for a ride. A monkey was going 2 the store when he saw a banana 3. He eats green bananas and gets a tummy ache. On goes the poem until number Being warned not to prick her finger, the girl spins notes on the Black loom, weaves the air around the Black loom, and makes the sky sing a song from the Black loom.

Comfort and love abound in the simple text. Johnson Harcourt, Brace, GRADES K—5 Action is the name of this game of basketball as poetic words describe the ball, moving it down the court, dribbling, shooting, and making the basket. Simple yet strong and fast moving text is accentuated by the illustrations of Stephen T. Upon hearing that his mother only wants him, he sneaks into her sewing room and glues velvet, ribbon, and lace together to make her a Christmas valentine.

A mosquito, a lizard, a black cat, a mouse, a frog, a pig, a duck, a monkey, a buffalo, and an elephant all threaten to wake the baby. When all is quiet, the mother dozes. Nothing is stirring, that is, nothing except the baby. The outrageous Sophie, the dog-taunting cat, thought she was invincible, as no dog could reach 10 Poetry Books her. But along comes a mongrel that can jump, and Sophie has taunted the dogs for the very last time.

USPA Bluebook by United States Polo Association - Issuu

There are hidden animals in every illustration. McElderry, A collection of twenty-five original poems on everyday things using succinct yet meaningful text. Each poem delightfully hones in on an extraordinary detail to be found in an ordinary object, place, or person.

When she opens her suitcase, she finds that she has taken some of the creatures with her. Soon, she returns to the household of Hieromymus Bosch on condition that she will no longer have to do all the work. Sad Underwear. Day after day, the girl sits by a window looking down at the forest. One day she spots the son of a neighboring king passing along the castle trail and the two unite in gaze.

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When the girl turns the page back, the canary turns back into a prince. When her jealous stepmother finds out about the tryst, she plans revenge. Of course her stepmother and stepsister are attending, but Cendrillon must stay home. Unfortunately, when the clock strikes midnight, Cendrillon must depart in haste, leaving Paul to search for the owner of the pink slipper.

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When a woodsman finds a frail young woman wandering in the wood, he takes her in, feeds her, clothes her, and falls in love with her. Eventually, they have a daughter they call Aurea. Finding none, the sorceress kills the parents, leaving Aurea to fend for herself. Left with a magic comb, Aurea befriends the animals of the forest and combs the tangles from their fur. Soon the sorceress realizes that the comb is the charm. How will Aurea escape the sorceress and keep her comb? She has no interest whatsoever in traditionally feminine pursuits, nor does she aspire to grow up to be a lady-in-waiting, as most girls in her position do.

This captivating story, first written by an anonymous twelfth-century Japanese writer, has a startlingly modern tone and is beautifully illustrated by Floyd Cooper.

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When he is thirteen years old, his mother dies and his father marries a woman with three daughters. The stepsisters treat Becan poorly and he is sent to the fields to be a herd 14 Fairy Tales—Picture Books boy. When Becan and the notorious speckled bull become friends, the stepsisters have the bull slaughtered. When the speckled bull dies, Becan takes its tail, which has special powers, and uses it to fight a giant and to rescue a princess from a dragon, losing his boot in the process.

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Thinking it is the end of his adventures, Becan returns home, only to have an unexpected visitor prove otherwise. Before her grandmother dies, the old woman gives Lily two things, a rice paddle and a folded paper crane. Lily now must work in the rice fields, and her paper crane protects her from the torments of the other workers. When Lily accepts an offer to work inside a luxurious house, she is grateful but unhappy.

Cruel Matsu, the wife of the house, hates Lily. As hard as Matsu tries to keep them apart, Lily and Kumaso fall in love and must battle the evil Matsu in order to stay together.

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