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Four things everyone has more than he knows: sins, debts, years, and foes. From four things God preserve us: a painted woman, a conceited valet, salt beef without mustard, and a little late dinner. Go a mile to see a sick man, go two miles to make peace between two men, and go three miles to call on a friend. Good men seek honour, middling men seek wealth and honour, base men seek wealth; honour itself is wealth to great men. Gratitude takes three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and a giving in return. He should speak kindly without meanness; he should be valiant without boasting; he should be generous shedding his bounty into the dish of the worthy; he should be resolute but not harsh.

He that is not gallant at twenty, strong at thirty, rich at forty, or experienced at fifty will never be gallant strong, rich, or prudent. He who dies not in his twenty-third year, drowns not in his twenty-fourth, and is not slain in his twenty-fifth, may boast of good days. He who is wise and consults others is a whole man, he who has a wise opinion of his own and seeks no counsel from others is half a man, and he who has no opinion of his own and seeks no advice is no man at all. How canst thou escape sin? Think of three things: Whence thou comest, whither thou goest, and before whom thou must appear.

If the prince and minister be not sincere, the nation will not be well ordered; if the father and son be not sincere, the family will not be harmonious; if the elder and younger brothers be not sincere, the feeling of affection will not be close; if friends be not sincere, intercourse will be distant. If you are ignorant, inquire; if you stray, return; if you do wrong, repent; and if you are angry, restrain yourself. If your neighbour has made a pilgrimage to Mecca once, watch him; if twice, avoid his society; if three times, move into another street.

Certainly no one acquainted with the people will feel his confidence in an individual increased by the fact that he is particularly devout. Thompson in The Land and the Book. All nations condemn hypocrisy in their proverbs. If you wish a good day, shave yourself; a good month, kill a pig, a good year, marry; and one always good, become a clergyman. If you wish to know the character of the prince, look at his ministers; if you wish to understand the man, look at his friends; if you wish to know the father, observe his son.

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In a good man, wrath lasts for a moment; in a middle man, for two hours; in a base man, for a day and night; in a great sinner, until death. Infidelity, violence, deceit, envy, extreme avariciousness, a total want of good qualities, with impurity, are the innate faults of womankind. There are many proverbs that sneer at women, but none are more severe and unjust than this. It may be said, however, that the expression reflects the opinion and teaching of an ascetic who has taken upon himself the vow of perpetual celibacy, and not the common belief of the people.

In infancy, the father should guard her; in youth, her husband should guard her; and in old age her children should guard her; for at no time is a woman properly to be trusted with liberty. Keep yourself from the anger of a great man, from the tumult of a mob, from fools in a narrow way, from a man that is marked, from a widow who has been twice married, from wind that comes in at a hole, and from a reconciled enemy. Kindred without friends, friends without power, power without will, will without effect, effect without profit, profit without virtue, is not worth a rush. Love, a cough, smoke, and money cannot long be hid.

French, German, Italian. Nectar should be taken even out of poison, a well-spoken word should be received even from a youth, rectitude should be acknowledged even in an enemy, and gold should be taken out of filth. No man is entitled to consideration unless he has these three things, or at least one of them: The fear of God to restrain him from evil, forbearance with wicked men, and a good nature toward all. One lump of clay is moulded into vessels of many forms, one of gold is made into ornaments of many shapes, cow-milk is one though yielded by many cows; so the one supreme soul presides in many bodies.

Lion’s Tooth (the Dandelion poem)… love, loss, consciousness. By Mario Petrucci.

One should know a horse by its speed, an ox by its burden, a cow by milking, and a wise man by his speech. Physic for healing, soup for nourishment, and sake for happy living. Sake, an alcoholic beverage in common use by the Japanese, made by the fermentation of rice. She is a wife who is clever in the house, she is a wife who is fruitful in children, she is a wife who is the soul of her husband, she is a wife who is obedient to her husband. Many Sanskrit proverbs indicate that the people of India hold the ancient belief that women are born to serve men.

This particular saying has been repeated for many generations being first spoken before the Christian era. Six things have no business in the world: A fighting priest, a coward knight, a covetous judge, a stinking barber, a soft-hearted mother, and an itchy barber. Sorrow for a father six months, sorrow for a mother a year, sorrow for a wife until a second wife, sorrow for a son for ever. The reference is to sorrow occasioned by death.

The advantages of marriage are purity of life, children, pleasures of home, and the happiness of exertion for the comfort of wife and children. The affairs of a king are not perfected except by four things: counsel, money, auxiliaries, and secrecy. The Arabs also say that husbandry requires four things: soil, seed, water, and sun.

The best preacher is the heart, the best teacher is time, the best book is the world, the best friend is God.

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The best qualities for a minister of state are justice, thorough investigation, wise determination, firmness, and secrecy. The enemy who is either avaricious, subject to passion, unruly, treacherous, violent, fearful, unsteady, or a fool, is easily to be defeated, we are told.

White Parrot Dream Meaning

The foot should be placed on a spot seen to be clean, water should be drunk after having been strained through a cloth, a word should be spoken with truth, a business should be done with consideration. The jewel of the necklace, the canopy of the throne, the vanguard of the army, the point in discourse, the best verse of the poem. A proverb used by modern Egyptians, current at Cairo.

It is the main verse usually found toward the end of the composition, called Kasyde. A Guru is a teacher, particularly a religious teacher. The man is strange who, seeking a lost animal, suffers his own soul to be lost; who, ignorant of himself, seems to understand God; who doubts the existence of God when he sees His creatures. One in a hundred, one in a thousand, etc. The proverb is applied to those who excuse their own misdeeds by declaring others are worse than themselves.

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White Parrot Dream Meaning

The merit of a house does not consist in its lofty walls, but in its not leaking; the goodness of clothes does not consist in flowering and network, but in their being warm; eating and drinking does not consist in the consumption of costly articles of food, but in satisfying the appetite; the excellence of a wife does not consist in beauty, but in virtue.

The most worthless things on earth are these four: Rain on a barren soil, a lamp in sunshine, a beautiful woman given in marriage to a blind man, and a good deed to one who is ungrateful. The poison of a scorpion is in his tail; the poison of a fly is in his head; the poison of a serpent is in his fang; the poison of a bad man is in his whole body. The quality of a friend should be sincerity, liberality, bravery, constancy in joy and sorrow, rectitude, attachment, veracity.

There are six faults which a man ought to avoid: The desire of riches, drowsiness, sloth, idleness, tediousness, fear, and anger. There are three misfortunes in life: In youth to lose a father; in middle age, the death of a wife; in old age, to have no children. There are three things never hidden: Love, a mountain, and one riding on a camel. There are two that are never satisfied: He who seeks after learning and he who seeks after wealth. There is not a gem in every rock, no pearl in every elephant, nor sandlewood in every forest, nor erudition in every place.

The scoffer, the liar, the hypocrite, and the slanderer can have no share in the future world of bliss. The spring is the youth of trees, wealth is the youth of men, beauty is the youth of women, intelligence is the youth of the young. The voice is the beauty of cuckoos; chastity is the beauty of women; learning is the beauty of the deformed; patience is the beauty of ascetics. Though the sun and moon be bright, they cannot shine under an inverted bowl; though the sword of justice be swift, it will not behead a man without crime; neither will flying misfortune enter the doors of the careful.

Those eager to amass wealth regard neither priests nor relations; those eager to indulge lust feel neither fear nor shame; those eager in the pursuit of knowledge care not for comfort or sleep; those eager to satisfy hunger regard neither the flavour nor the cookery. Those without a leader perish; those without a youthful leader perish; those without a female leader perish; those without many leaders perish. The Assamese cart is drawn by bullocks and covered with a kind of hood made of matting and held up by bamboo hoops.

To go safely through the world you must have the eye of a falcon, the ear of an ass, the face of an ape, the mouth of a pig, the shoulders of a camel, and the legs of a deer. Italian, English. When anger is repressed by reason of inability to do immediate harm, it retires into the heart in the form of malice and breeds these vices: Envy, triumph over the enemies, ill, repulsion of friendly approaches, contempt, slander, derision, personal violence, and injustice. Who gains wisdom? He who is willing to receive instruction from all sources.

Who is the mighty man? He who subdueth his temper. What do ye singing? Queen, but what is it that hath burnt thine heart? For thy speech flickers like a brown-out flame. Yet one doth well being patient of the gods. Yea, lest they smite us with some four-foot plague.

But when time spreads find out some herb for it. And with their healing herbs infect our blood. What ails thee to be jealous of their ways?

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What if they give us poisonous drinks for wine? They have their will; much talking mends it not. And gall for milk, and cursing for a prayer? Have they not given life, and the end of life? Which deed of these twain were not good to praise? What storm is this that tightens all our sail? Love, a thwart sea-wind full of rain and foam.

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Whence blown, and born under what stormier star? Southward across Euenuseue from the sea. Thy speech turns toward Arcadia like blown wind. Sharp as the north sets when the snows are out.