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I look really young for my age, but now with all the medication, my body will not be. Sorry for the long message. But I feel so hopeless and right now my mental health is so bad. Mental health issues can make finding and sustaining a suitable relationship to bring a family into an additional challenge, so my heart goes out to you. I hope that the medication helps you to feel stronger soon and to find a way forward. I would encourage you to discount what you see in the movies as any kind of guide to romantic relationships — real life is far more complex and messy than that and those films are often no more than modern fairy tales.

You are not there to provide a grandchild for your mother, you are here to live your own life, with its own challenges, as best you can. I am a child of divorce. My parents had a tumultuous marriage. My parents argued relentlessly and from the age of 0 — 18 shared a bedroom next to my parents. I heard everything they fought about. My mum never seemed happy she had 5 children. I was left with the impression at a young age that marriage and children did not bring you happiness in life.

I also ended up getting pregnant at 16 after failed contraception. I was signed up to go to college and knew I was not ready to bring a child into the world. So I set out to get my drivers licence at I already had a job by then. And get the hell out of there by He also used to say to people he never wanted to get married or have kids. I never said to him at the time but deep down that hurt me.

As if it was me. We broke up in Then I moved onto another relationship — it was all the fun I needed after the previous guy and I started to spiral into drugs and alcohol. Fun was on the cards. After that I met someone online. He was also very self-absorbed. It has taken years to get over the above.

And I had little in common with them or they felt they had little in common with me. I have 2 wonderful young nephews whom I adore. I never said to any of these guys that I never wanted marriage or kids.

IVF Treatment for Women Over 40 - The Infertility Center of St. Louis

Do I get a mortgage if I have no-one to pass it on too? As an overly independent young woman from a difficult family background, much of your story is familiar to me too. Hugs and welcome, Jody x.

Jody — your hugs are very welcome and much needed. We have a lot to thank you for xx. I came across this webpage a few years ago from the newspaper but did not have the courage to tell my story until now. I am a married woman in my late forties who always wanted the full package of a loving relationship and children from an early age. Although I had a happy working life from my early twenties into my thirties, I always craved relationships and dreaded the thought of ever being lonely, so dived into relationships with ultimately the wrong men for too many years.

Finally, when I was in my late thirties, I did meet a wonderful man and I knew he was the right one.

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After a year long engagement, his choosing, as he been hurt badly by his last long term relationship , we married. I blamed my age as I was older than I had hoped to be getting hitched. We gave up trying to conceive when I was 45 and we had to watch 2nd cousins and friends marry and have babies and regrettably believe that we missed our chance.

The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

Dear Rach — thank you for sharing your story which will resonate with so many women and men who visit this site. I married my husband last November.

I told him I could do it… we got two puppies and god it was hard. I remember thinking: I could never have kids. I love my husband, I love my dogs now 7 but I want children. My brother and his wife wanted children, but are infertile so my parents will never have grandchildren. I feel the guilt every time I see them. We have been trying for a baby for a while and have recently found out that my partner is infertile and will never be able to have children. I feel angry and resentful towards him because I feel hes depriving me of ever becoming a mother or having a family, because he wont consider a donor sperm.

I have to watch everyone around me announce pregnancys, and engagements and I feel such pain and sadness for myself. Some days I feel I just cant carry on and no longer want to be here. I feel so alone in my grief for a life I will never have. It is an extremely hard blow when we feel the decision is taken out of our hands. I would strongly suggest that you and your partner consider going for infertility counselling so that together as a couple you can process the impact of this on your relationship.

Take a look at my resources page at how to find a counsellor near to you who sees couples. Hi all. I have been coming to terms with not ever being a Mum for about 6 months.

We were told 2 years ago that we were too overweight for adoption, we are little on the curvy side granted but at the same time work and volunteer with children, own our home, have great family and friends and are financially stable and had a positive recommendation from our GP…. Imagine the embarrassment…!!

Mama by the Spice Girls played through my headphones as a random selection from Spotify, my due date would be October 3rd -Mean Girls day, my fave film…..

1. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahari

I am at the age where all my of my friends and work colleagues are having babies, my mum has just become a grandma to my nephew after my brother and his girlfriend had become pregnant after just a few short months together and how overjoyed everyone was at their biological ability to procreate while my pain at not being a parent agonisingly continued.

Thank you ladies for allowing me to get this off my chest! I met my husband at 27 years old. He is the most amazing person, we got marry 7 years later I was He did not wanted children, but I convinced him to try. I really wanted to be a mother. After three years trying, clomid, natural alternatives, and crying. I decided to go to a fertility clinic after few testing, I was diagnosed with hyperplasia with atypia pre cancer.

I refused to removed my uterus suggested multiple times by an oncologist. I had the lining removed and did treatments until the oncologist allowed me to do fertility treatments. I went into a deep depression, sadness, and stress.

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One year later after I turned 40 I started bleeding heavily, I was too afraid to go to the doctor so I ignored it. Because of my mistake I end up getting a blood transfusion and iron infusions. I had the pre cancer again thankfully I found a wonderful oncologist who say the last option will be removing my uterus, tubes, and ovaries. Eventually I have to removed it, and I would not be able to take any kind of hormones.

Migraine and age

Every six months I have to do a biopsy. I am 42 years old right now, I know I will never be a mom. I tried to get over it, but my brothers have kids like rabbits. Every time one of my sisters in law get pregnant I get sad and feel guilty for been sad. Hi Helena, totally get the sadness you feel at your brothers having babies and then the guilt that follows! Then of course feel hideously guilty. I am a 37 year old woman. I met my husband at 30 and we married 4 years later.

We have been trying for a baby for four years. No issues were found with either of us but because we had been trying without success for two long, I was offered chlomid. I fell pregnant on my first round of chlomid. I will never forget the joy I felt. I tried to do everything by the book as this baby felt so precious to me.

Unfortunately at 6 weeks I started bleeding and ended up being rushed into surgery because it was an ectopic pregnancy. Although I was sad for the loss of my baby I felt hopeful as I had after all got pregnant.